The purpose of this page is to provide a list of links to articles on a variety of issues relevant to breeders or owners who are looking for explanations.

Each year there are advancements of our medical understanding of dogs as a species. In 2005 the canine genome was mapped! Some notable Veterinarians are now saying that one third of what we held as facts 10 years ago has been proven as completely wrong today. The lesson is it pays to read new studies in the interest of the well being of man's best friend.

While I am not endorsing any of the following links I have found them valuable as "food for thought" to help make educated decisions. I welcome additions that you may come across. Simply e-mail them to me and I'll include them as appropriate.

Genetics, Breeding Strategies, Disease Control and Diversity

Coat Colour Genetics

Disease Registries, Testing Resources and Veterinary Colleges

Type, Structure, Gait, Temperament, Form and Function

Information on Specific Health Issues

Breeding, Whelping Care and Selection of Puppies

General Dog Show Information Sites

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