To ensure that you get the right breed for your lifestyle, and your expectations, you should consider the following questions.  The more detail, the better we are able to match the personality/temperament of dog that will best suit your lifestyle.  Please answer the following questions:

Pet History

  1. Have you had a dog(s) before? What happened to them?
  2. Do you currently own a dog(s)?
  3. Have you owned a Terrier before? Other breeds?
  4. What other pets do you currently have?
  5. Do you intend on having more than one dog in the future?
  6. Have you ever bred dogs or any other animals? If yes which breeds?

Acquiring Your Dog

  1. What made you think that a Norwich Terrier was right for you?
  2. Do you have a preference of male or female?
  3. Is colour important to you?
  4. Are you willing to travel to pick up your puppy/dog?
  5. When did you want a puppy? Are you willing to wait?
  6. What age appeals to you most?
  7. Is this the right time in your life to get a new puppy/dog?

Selecting the Right Dog for You

  1. Why do you want a Norwich Terrier? What are your expectations of the dog? (Companionship, Obedience, Conformation (showing), Agility, Breeding, Protection, Child's friend, etc.)
  2. What is the most important aspect of the puppy/dog to you? Consider appearance, trainability and obedience, temperament, size, etc.
  3. What do you consider important in temperament of your puppy/dog?
  4. What traits would you consider unacceptable?
  5. Are you interested in a retired show dog (occasionally available)?

Your Family and a new Puppy/Dog

  1. What type of dwelling do you live in (i.e. single family home, condominium, etc)?
  2. Do you have a fenced yard or access to one?
  3. How many adults and children live in your home?
  4. Are there children that require supervision around a new puppy/dog?
  5. Are all members of your household aware and welcoming of acquiring a dog?
  6. Will all members of your household help raise the dog?
  7. Who will be the primary care giver?
  8. Where will the dog stay during the day? and at night? and when you go on vacation?
  9. What is your family activity level and routine? Is anyone home during the day?
  10. How may hours a day will the dog be alone?
  11. Do you really have the time for a dog and are you totally committed to investing the time and money the dog will require?
  12. Are you ready to be responsible for a dog for the next 12-16 years? Are you prepared to provide the necessary annual preventative and general veterinary care and unforeseen emergencies that might arise?


  1. Are you prepared to bring your dog to obedience training?
  2. What other training might you consider for your new puppy/dog?


  1. Are there any other things that we, the breeders, should be aware of that might be important to know when bringing the puppy/dog into your home? (i.e. allergies, upcoming retirement, moving, caring for a family member, etc.)
  2. Do you have any other questions for us?

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