A well groomed Norwich Terrier is a delight to the eye,

shows pride of ownership and does the breed proud.


The breed loses much of its character and charm if the coat is not properly maintained. The grooming instructions following are intended to educate the new owner in all facets of grooming and general coat management. The first-time owner will probably be dealing with a three to four months old puppy. Purchased from a Responsible Breeder, your new puppy will arrive with a multitude of instructions, including grooming advice. Your breeder should provide a constant source of needed information and advice that you can draw on throughout the life of your dog. Your new puppy should arrive in a neat and tidy condition and grooming maintenance thereafter should begin immediately. Proper training during the impressionable age of a puppy can mean the difference between an individual easily managed, leaving both hands for the grooming process, or one that leaves neither to do the job intended. Be kind, but firm. Keep the sessions brief in the beginning, end on a positive note and follow them with some reward, like a favorite treat or a brisk walk. There is much to be learned by you and the puppy during these first few months. It is a very important time of bonding and communication that will set the tone of your relationship for the life of your companion.


With a little practice, like anything, the grooming gets easier. At worst, as you practice on your dog, if you remove the wrong hairs they will eventually grow back.